About iGarden USA 3.8

iGarden Icon iGarden USA recommends planting dates for the most popular vegetables according to your climate zone. Once your garden seeds are planted, you can use iGarden USA to track your garden's progress with estimated harvest dates. You can also share your custom seed information with others in your same climate zone via the iGarden USA Cloud.


Feature Summary

  • Share your custom seed information with others in your climate zone via the iGarden USA Cloud.
  • Works on both the iPhone and iPod Touch, OS Version 8.0 or higher.
  • Now includes the ability to access seed detail from the "My Garden" screen.
  • Ability to add to your garden as a plant or as a seed.
  • Now including plant companion information.
  • New Wiki feature with navigation provides more plant information.
  • New Weather feature in shows your local forecast.
  • Recommends planting dates according to your climate zone.
  • Provides planting details for each type of vegetable such as planting depth, row spacing, seed spacing, and more.
  • Provides a garden tracker My Garden allowing you to enter the dates you planted your garden seeds and then estimates when you will be able to harvest your crops.
  • Comes with a climate zone map
  • Twice as many plants than version 1.0 including herbs and fruits.
  • Ability to add your own customizable plants including planting dates and image.
  • Now includes both early and late planting dates for applicable plants and zones.
  • Added recommended pH soil levels for each plant.
  • Added known insects and recommended pesticides for each plant.
  • Ability to add notes with photos from the camera or photo album.
  • Faster scrolling of tables.
  • Larger plant images for easier reading.
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